Thursday, October 14, 2010

Review - The Study Train: Reunion of the Untouchables by Kurt Frenier

TITLE:    The Study Train: Volume 1 - Reunion of the Untouchables
AUTHOR/EDITOR:    Kurt Frenier
INFO:    Paperback, Fiction, 120 pages
PUBLISHED:   Eloquent Books, 2010
ISBN#:   978-1-60911-884-6
HOW'D I GET IT:   Received from Author for Review

Five hundred years ago, Master Magician Mikhail Pilkington III created a magical flying train, the Study Train. His vision: to take average teenagers aboard, show them the world, and turn them into leaders. Ethan is invited on the train, escaping his miserable life in Switzerland, and soon discovers that the train is all but ordinary. It is filled with magic, secrets, people with interesting histories, and much more.

Ethan's intrigue and hunger for knowledge and power catches the attention of a hidden, ancient alliance called the Untouchables. Soon, Ethan learns all their mysteries, powers and sorcery. He stands out from the rest of the students and is recognized as the long-awaited leader for the Untouchables. But his dark side - The Dark Fire Inside - grows and becomes much stronger than anyone thought it would. Ethan gets sucked into a web of conflicts and feuds while battling his own inner feelings.

Will he go for power, or turn toward good?

MY TAKE:   This book was sent to by the author for review.  It was a very fast, fun and enjoyable read.  I devoured it in a couple of hours.  The plot has similarities to the Harry Potter saga, but is nowhere near the same story.  Kurt Frenier has created a magical world within our mundane world that is sure to delight YA enthusiasts as well as lovers of J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter". 

There are many characters in this book that I would like to read much more about.  Because of the ending, the author has left plenty of room for sequels.  I was happy with how this book wrapped up because I wasn't left dangling, but I'm very much ready for more.

As for Ethan, I thought he was a snot.  He went from a shy kid who hated school to an over-achiever with an arrogant attitude.  He is not the usual protagonist that you just absolutely love and root for.  I found myself against Ethan in more than one of the situations that cropped up.  I'm hoping he grows up in future installments in this great new series.  Kurt Frenier has done an outstanding job and I'm anxious for more!
MY RATING:    4/5

WHERE TO BUY IT:    Amazon, IndieBoundThe Book Depository

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