Sunday, September 25, 2011

Review - Creatively Ever After by Alicia Arnold

AUTHOR:    Alicia Arnold
INFO:    Paperback, Non-Fiction, 156 pages
PUBLISHED:   The Cadence Group, 2011
SOURCE:   Received from Publisher for Review

 Around the world corporate executives have identified creativity as a key component to success. Creativity breeds innovation. Innovation gets results. There is a call for creativity in the workplace; however, there are few solutions for building deliberate creativity skills. That is, until now. Learn how to consistently bring new thinking to your organization’s toughest challenges by using the proven Creative Problem Solving (CPS) process.

Discover simple ways to: 
  • Create new futures
  • Develop breakthrough, creative solutions
  • Unlock your personal creativity
  • Generate more ideas, and better ideas, in a shorter amount of time
  • Solve the right organizational problems efficiently and effectively
  • Build creative leadership skills
MY TAKE:    Alicia Arnold has found a unique way to share the top-notch technique of using creativity to move forward.  By marrying Creative Problem Solving (CPS) with the tried and true nursery rhyme of "Jack and Jill", she has improvised a tool to help those of us who are stuck in a rut get out.

Her own creativity has come out in full force in this short (156 pages) book that packs quite a punch.  She gives us Jack and Jill's plight as a vehicle to show us how the CPS process can be applied to just about any situation.  As we work alongside Jack and Jill through the steps of identifying, gathering, clarifying, generating, developing and planning; we are creating our own process to solve our own problems.  The illustrations are cute and help convey the light tone the author uses to convey some important messages.

As I was reading this book I was continually finding ways to that I might implement these steps into my own issues.  There were many times when I stopped reading in order to write some notes to myself.  Ms. Arnold was successful in jump starting my own creativity regarding a couple of things I'm dealing with at the moment.  I was impressed that while this book was targeted for a business environment/atmosphere; I could see many instances to implement the process in our everyday dealings.

Out of 5 JEWELS, I give it:

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