Thursday, September 2, 2010

Review - The Darkest Edge of Dawn by Kelly Gay

TITLE:    The Darkest Edge of Dawn
INFO:    Paperback, Fiction, 374 pages
PUBLISHED:   Pocket Books, 2010
ISBN#:   978-1-4391-1004-1
HOW'D I GET IT:   Received from Publisher for Review

It takes a strong woman to keep the peace in a city of endless night. . . .

Deep beneath Underground, a cunning bid for power and revenge has begun—one that threatens to make Atlanta the new battleground in the ultimate confrontation between good and evil. The powers of hellish Charbydon have the upper hand after plunging the city into primordial night. And under the cover of darkness, a serial killer targets the most powerful Elysians in the city, the angelic Adonai. For Detective Charlie Madigan and her siren partner Hank, tracking deadly predators is all in a day’s work . . . but this case will test the limits of their strength and friendship as it draws them into a deadly world of power plays, ancient myths, explosive secrets, and a race against time that risks all that Charlie holds dear.

MY TAKE:   I was really into this book right from the start.  The action begins on page 1 and doesn't let up until the end.  Even though this is the second book in the series, I didn't feel lost at all as the author gives you the pertinent information for this story to build on its own.  Ms. Gay has created an intriguing world of darkness full of immortal and mythical beings who are alien, yet familiar.  I like that she lets the reader in on secrets and then builds on that to show there are even more mysteries around the next corner.

The characters were strong and very well constructed.  The partnership between Charlie and Hank is fun to observe as well as very interesting.  There are a lot of different people's storylines happening all at once that all tie together and finally fall neatly into place.  I enjoyed getting to know each of them and how they fit.  Charlie's daughter and her hellhound are probably two of my favorites besides the main characters.

A very well thought and well written book that I was quite impressed with.  I'm looking forward to reading the first one, The Better Part of Darkness in the very near future.  It looks to be a fantastic read as well.
MY RATING:    4/5

WHERE TO BUY IT:    Amazon, The Book Depository

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  1. Glad to hear that it's awesome, I really must get book 1


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