Saturday, September 25, 2010

Winners (Belated, But Still Winners!)

I'm finally getting my head on straight so I can post some winners!  I appreciate all of you being patient with me during all of this.  On to the lucky ones:

First of all, the Blogfest 2010 winner(s).  Since I reached 200 followers, YAY, I added a second winner. 

First winner, Benita gets her choice of ONE of the following books:

The second place winner, Skyla will get to choose ONE book from the remaining three.
The Incredible Origins of the Onyx Sun

The winners from the Sin Undone Giveaway are:



Attention All Winners:  I will be sending you a winning email, but if you happen to see this post before I get ahold of you - send me your mailing address so I can get your books sent to you. (Sin Undone will be coming from the publisher so be sure you have a US or Canada address!)

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~~~~~ Disclaimer:  All opinions expressed on this blog are 100% my own.  I do not receive monetary compensation for my reviews.  I may receive books in  order to facilitate a review, but this does not guarantee a good review - only a completely honest one.  Each review post denotes how I obtained the book.

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  1. Thanks so very much. Congrats to the other winners.


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