Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Review - Legend Destiny by Nance Bulow-Morgan

TITLE:    Legend Destiny
AUTHOR/EDITOR:    Nance Bulow-Morgan
INFO:    Paperback, Fiction, 330 pages
PUBLISHED:   Outskirts Press, 2010
ISBN#:   978-1-4327-6098-4
HOW'D I GET IT:   Received from Author for Review

Legend foretold her arrival; Now, she has to survive long enough to save her people.

An oppressive cloud hangs ominously over the port city of Mareese.  In a dark tower high above the people lives the Overlord, who for two decades has severed citizens' freedom as he ruthlessly consolidated control - viciously murdering those who dared to speak up.  And so it appeared things would continue in this way - that is, until Diony showed up.

An ordinary girl who suddenly discovers she has extraordinary powers.  Diony is an apprentice at the Academy of Sages, a consortium of scholars and mystics.  But when her remarkable abilities show themselves, those around her realize she is one key in a legend outlining how the tyranny can finally be broken.  There's just one person who's determined not to let that happen:  the Overlord, who has branded Diony a murderer and initiated an all-out search to fin her - and destroy the girl.

Now, Diony and her diverse band of compatriots will engage in a harrowing journey to survive and overthrow their enslavers.  In the process, she must learn to control her extraordinary developing powers or she will put their entire mission - an herself - at risk.  And all of it culminates in a shocking battle that tests the strengths of good and evil once and for all.  

Fast-paced and richly detailed, Legend Destiny is a sprawling and gorgeously imagined fantasy that will keep you hooked until the very end.   

MY TAKE:   I received this from the author for review.  I found it to be a quick read that I enjoyed quite a bit.  The author packs a lot of adventure into this story of a reluctant heroine.  Diony is a very beloved member of her small community.  When it becomes apparent that she is the chosen one from an ancient legend who can help free her city from tyranny, Diony steps up to the plate.  She loses everything and many whom she holds the dearest in her fight against the oppression of the Overlord.

Diony is forced to flee her home in Mareese in order to grow and learn to focus her new powers.  A small mis-matched band of supportive friends aid Diony in her quest to find the other two keys as foretold in the legend.  

Ms. Bulow-Morgan has created a great protagonist in Diony as well as the well-written characters of Brynal and Catrine.  Their adventures together and apart make for an addictive book that you won't want to put down. 
MY RATING:    3.5/5

WHERE TO BUY IT:  Amazon,   The Book Depository, Powell's Books

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