Friday, November 19, 2010

Review - Secret for a Satyr by Dorothy Bodoin

TITLE:    Secret For Satyr (A Cressa Hannett Mystery)
AUTHOR/EDITOR:    Dorothy Bodoin
INFO:    Paperback, Fiction, 301 pages
PUBLISHED:   Worldwide Mystery, 2009
ISBN#:   978-0-373-26671-5
HOW'D I GET IT:   Purchased


When Cressa Hannett finds the body of her elderly neighbor, piano teacher Libby Dorset, drowned in her ornate backyard fountain, it's horrible enough. But shortly before she discovered the body, Cressa witnessed a cloaked figure lurking nearby. Did she see Libby's killer? Worse...did that killer see her?

Soon after the murder, Cressa uncovers an old scrapbook linking Libby with the thirty-year-old disappearance of a girl and her dog, and becomes intrigued by rumors of ghosts and haunted statues. Did the large, Gothic stone satyr lure Libby Dorset to her death? Not if the very real and dark secret buried in Libby's garden has any clues to share. Especially when it leads to a killer with too much at stake to dare let Cressa expose the truth.

MY TAKE:  I enjoyed this new installment in the Cressa Hannett Mystery series.  This is the first book I've read from Dorothy Bodoin.  She created an intriguing story that kept me guessing until the end.

Cressa is a very interesting character.  She is very intelligent and extremely curious, which could get her into more trouble.  Her love interest(s) in this story, Matt and Dalton, are both well written and very endearing.  I was leaning more towards one than the other, but I'll let you decide who you like better for yourself.

A quick read that made for an enjoyable afternoon.
MY RATING:    3/5

WHERE TO BUY IT:    Amazon

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