Thursday, December 30, 2010

Review - The Brave by Nicholas Evans (audiobook)

By the author of The Horse Whisperer

TITLE:   The Brave: A Novel
AUTHOR/EDITOR:    Nicholas Evans
INFO:    Paperback Audiobook, Fiction, 9 cds
PUBLISHED:   Hachette Audio, 2010
ISBN#:   978-1-60788-929-7
HOW'D I GET IT:   Received from Hachette for Review

FROM GOODREADS:  Tommy Bedford was just eight years old when he learned that his "older sister" was actually his mother. That shock was soon supplanted by glee when his youthful, glamorous mom became the amour of the TV cowboy most idolized. One sudden thrust of tragedy ended that idyllic moment, sending mother and son into frantic escape. Fast forward forty years later: Tommy has become Tom, a writer and documentary filmmaker, divorced and estranged from his only son. When that soldier son is arrested and charged in a military court for committing an atrocity in Iraq, Bedford must finally confront not only his own son, but his own hidden past.

MY TAKE:  When I heard about this book from the author of "The Horse Whisperer", I knew it was one I had to have.  "The Horse Whisperer" stuck with me for years so I had high hopes that this would be just as memorable.  I wasn't disappointed.

Nicholas Evans has once again created characters who drive a very well imagined plot.  The background and scenery are excellent, but it is the people who grab you and keep you involved in their lives.  Tommy and Diane are both fairly intense and their interaction really pulls the reader's heartstrings.  I loved Cal.  He is written very much like some of the real horseman in my life and made me think of them at times.

I enjoyed the fact that this story was based in both Tommy's youth and his later years.  The author did a great job of blending the time periods as well as showing the aftermath and effects of Tommy's childhood on his grown-up life and relationships.  It especially explained a lot about his difficult relationship with his son Daniel.

The narration was very good on this audiobook.  Actor Michael Emerson (of Lost fame) is outstanding in bringing this book to life.  This is so critical to me as a single voice can make or break an audiobook for me.  I got lost in the story while driving due to his excellent tones and characterisations.

I highly recommend this audiobook, especially to those who loved "The Horse Whisperer" as much as I did.  This is bound to become a new favorite.
MY RATING:    4/5

WHERE TO BUY IT:    AmazonThe Book Depository

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