Sunday, January 2, 2011

Help Me Get My Kindle...please

I've made a deal with the hubby ~ I'm going to try to earn my Kindle 3G solely through Amazon giftcards/codes.  We are on a major, major money saving crunch and I can't justify spending any money on an e-reader with things the way they are financially.  He planned on buying me one for Christmas, but the funds just weren't there.

Because of Swagbucks I currently have $50 towards the $189 I need. (We live way out in the boonies so I have to go with the 3G version.)  I am hoping my blogger friends and readers who aren't already using Swagbucks will sign up for this FREE site and help earn me a referral bonus.  For every 450 points I earn, I can get another $5 gift code for Amazon. 

It's free, super easy to sign up and you will earn points for yourself for simply using the Swagbucks toolbar instead of Google or Ask or whichever you're currently using for internet searches.  I've also earned points by going through their site when I make an internet purchase.  They have surveys and other fun things to do as well.  Even if you don't do ANYTHING except routine searches, you will earn points.  I am averaging about $5 a week just on my everyday searches.  You can use your points to buy all sorts of goodies, including gift cards, BOOKS, music etc.  Or you can save them up for big ticket items like electronics, travel and more.

So if you're game, you can click HERE or on the photo below and help me out.  I am really, really tired of trying to read some of the awesome e-books on my computer.  Thank you my friends!

Search & Win


  1. Thank you for the help and good luck to you earning points too!

  2. I bought my Kindle a couple months ago, and got it totally free! Used several gift cards from Swagbucks and also some others that I won in giveaways. It was awesome getting it free! May I suggest signing up for Irazoo as well... very similar to Swagbucks and you could be earning double the amount of Amazon cards if you use both websites.

    Here's my referral link (I get points if you sign up)

  3. I'm already a member of swagbucks or I would definitely have signed up under you. Like you, reading eBooks on the computer is tiring. Here's hoping I get my Nook (or Kindle) for my birthday!

  4. I already have Swagbucks, but I tweeted and blogged. Good Luck.

    Having Fun Blogging

  5. Thank you all so much for the help. I am almost there! I really appreciate you pitching in on my little project. (Hubby didn't think I could do it - but I knew my friends would help me out :)


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