Sunday, January 2, 2011

Weekly Wrap 010211

I've decided to make a few changes in my Weekly Wrap format.  Instead of just listing the books and things that have graced my mailbox, I'm also going to do a short recap of the previous week.  I want to show the different reviews and list giveaway reminders - just in case you missed the post! 

While I'm on the topic, I've noticed a few snarky comments around the book review community regarding the IMM type posts.  Personally, I enjoy reading what others have received during the week.  It helps me get an idea of what is coming out or already out there that I may be interested in.  I DON'T view it as a "ha ha look what I got and you didn't" type post as many of the rather pissy-sounding commenters stated.  I also use my list as an aide in trying to do reviews as books come in - note I say TRY as it doesn't always work that way. 

Anyway, I will continue these Sunday posts as I enjoy them and I find them useful for my own blogging, keeping track of my books and for building LOOONG wish lists from other bloggers' posts.  I'd be interested in hearing what readers here have to say on the topic.   Happy New Year!

The first part of this feature is inspired by The Story Siren's "In My Mailbox" posts.  Let me show you the books that I've come across in one way or another for the past week. 

Threads West: An American Saga

The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips Are Telling Us

A Chronicle of Endylmyr: The Witches of Endylmyr

The Coffins of Little Hope

The Radleys: A Novel

Cleopatra: A Life
Cleopatra: A Life - audiobook


I was good and waited until Christmas to open my awesome Secret Santa gift from the lovely Joanne at Jo-Jo Loves To Read.  Thank you so much my friend, I love it!


The second part of this post is to show you what happened here in the last week and give you an idea of what is scheduled (so far) for next week. 

Last Week


I announced that I am hosting my first event ~ Books n Chocolates February Swap.  I had such a blast doing the book swaps at Christmas that I wanted to do it again!  Sign-ups are open until January 20th - be sure to check it out.


The Brave - Nicholas Evans
Scent of Jasmine - Jude Deveraux
Earl of Darkness - Alix Rickloff


WINNERS of   Duchess of Sin (Daughters of Erin)  and  Tempted by Fate (The Guardians of Destiny) were announced!

Next Week.....

Blog tour & Review of   The Radleys: A Novel on January 6th.

Winners of Hachette's Steamy Reads for Stormy Nights will be announced

Review of  Darkfever (Fever Series, Book 1)  on January 8th

Probably another couple of reviews will pop up, but we'll see what I get done :)

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~~~~~ Disclaimer:  All opinions expressed on this blog are 100% my own.  I do not receive monetary compensation for my reviews but do utilize affiliate links.  I may receive books in  order to facilitate a review, but this does not guarantee a good review - only a completely honest one.  Each review post denotes how I obtained the book.


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