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Review - The Bride Hunt by Jane Feather

The Bride Hunt

TITLE:    The Bride Hunt
AUTHOR:    Jane Feather
INFO:    Paperback, Fiction, 370 pages
PUBLISHED:   Bantam, 2004
SOURCE:   Purchased

  No sooner had the Duncan sisters’ Personals service turned a profit than their controversial newspaper, The Mayfair Lady, offended a powerful earl—who is now determined to ruin them with a lawsuit. In dire need of counsel, the women turn to England’s most-sought-after young barrister.

Sir Gideon Malvern is notorious for his aggressive style—and his love of a challenge. Spirited Prudence, with her beauty unsuccessfully hidden behind spectacles and frumpy clothes, provides him with exactly that. But how in the world will the Duncan sisters be able to afford Gideon’s fee? Prudence proposes a barter: Gideon defends their case; they find him a bride. It’s an exchange of services even this most cynical, single barrister can’t refuse.
MY TAKE:    This was a fun book full of romance and adventure.  Jane Feather does a lovely job of blending witty and sensuous characters with an action-packed plot.

I really enjoyed Prudence.  She thought she was escaping the notice of all men, especially the one who had captured her own attention.  Gideon comes across gruff and single-minded until he starts to see what a gem in the rough Prudence is.  There is a lot of humor as Pru tries to find the perfect bride for Gideon in exchange for his legal services. 

This is the second book in the trilogy, but is easily a stand-alone read.  It'll be fun to get the other two books and find out what happens with Pru's sisters Constance (The Bachelor List) and Chastity (The Wedding Game).

The Bachelor List  The Bride Hunt  The Wedding Game

Out of 5 JEWELS, I give it:

WHERE TO BUY IT:    Amazon and The Book Depository

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  1. The Bachelor List had me laughing out loud--read all these books years ago when they first came out!! Jane Feather is one of my very favorite authors!! Anyone looking for a good read should pick up these books or any other by Jane Feather!!

    Michele aka MikiHope

  2. It was one I had bought at the thrift store a while back and just got to. I really like Jane Feather's writing style - she makes me laugh too!


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