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Review - Scandal in Scotland by Karen Hawkins

Scandal in Scotland

TITLE:    Scandal in Scotland
AUTHOR:   Karen Hawkins
INFO:    Paperback, Fiction, 333 pages
PUBLISHED:   Pocket Books, 2011
SOURCE:   Received from Publisher for Review

  A DESPERATE BEAUTY...Despite fame and countless admirers, actress Marcail Beauchamp has never forgotten William Hurst, the audacious seafarer she once loved . . . and lost. Now, forced by a mysterious blackmailer who threatens her family, she must steal an ancient onyx box from the one man she’s vowed never to see again.

A BOLD ADVENTURER...To save his brother from a ruthless abductor, William must deliver the artifact as ransom. He’s stunned when Marcail, more lovely than ever, suddenly appears on his ship. But when she drugs him and steals the box, his fury knows no bounds.

THE TREASURE EVERYONE WANTS...William pursues Marcail, but too late: she has already delivered the box. The estranged lovers realize they must work together—both to regain the artifact that could mean life or death to his family and to destroy the mysterious blackmailer’s power over her family. Thus begins a high-stakes quest through the reaches of Scotland, a quest that stirs up long-forgotten memories and an unquenchable passion. . . .

MY TAKE:    This is my third Karen Hawkins book since I started this blog last July.  I absolutely love this lady's writing!  I reviewed Much Ado About Marriage in September and then followed it with the first book of this Hurst Amulet series One Night In Scotland in November. 

Karen has created a very devoted fan in me with these fantastic stories.  I love the idea of the mysterious amulet and the effect on the family and those around them.  This latest installment has all of the excitement, humor and of course, romance as the others.  I really enjoyed delving into this and didn't put it down until I was finished.

Marcail is a fun and sympathetic heroine or protagonist.  She is a beautiful woman who appears to have it all - on the outside.  She doesn't let anyone in except for her grandmother who was also a famed actress.  Marcail has made numerous sacrifices to protect and provide for her family, without them knowing about it.  One of these sacrifices was William.

William is a hunky sea captain who is furious with Marcail, both for stealing the onyx box in the present and for breaking his heart in the past.  He's extremely proud and rather stubborn.  He holds onto a grudge and finds it hard to see the truth about the woman he loved and can't forget.

The action and mystery kept me quickly turning the pages.  I really liked that the feeling of excitement and adventure carried over so well from the first book.  These books can be read by themselves, but the backstory and history of the characters really adds to the entire tale.  I'm really looking forward to the next installment Seduced in Scotland to be released in October.  

Out of 5 JEWELS, I give it:

WHERE TO BUY IT:    Amazon and The Book Depository

One Night in Scotland (Hurst Amulet) Scandal in Scotland Seduced in Scotland

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