Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Book A Day for Write 31 Days Challenge in October

I'm excited to be taking part in a fun and exciting challenge for the month of October. It is hosted at 31 Days. Bloggers/writers vow to write a post each day of October on a chosen subject. I have decided to dedicate myself to publishing a book review a day. Wish me luck and be sure to come back daily to see the progress.

One of the really fun aspects of this challenge is the opportunity to visit and find new and new-to-me sites. There are blogs on just about any topic under the sun that will be participating. I'm also going to doing the challenge with my other two blogs:  Centsable Couponing and Halloweenistic

I will be listing the posts and links here as an index as I publish them.

  1) Nightbloom by Juliette Cross
  2) Ever After by Odessa Gillespie Black
  3) Summit of the Wolf by Tera Shanley
  4) Ghost for Sale by Sandra Cox
  5) Bold Seduction by Karyn Gerrard
  6) Balance Keepers: The Pillars of Ponderay by Lindsay Cummings
  7) The Prince of Prigs by Anthony Anglorus
  8) Interview - Anthony Anglorus: Author of The Prince of Prigs
  9) The Carols of Christmas: Stories Behind the Songs by Andrew Gant
10) The Biggest BUT in the World by Natalie K. Hodge
11) Shivers: The Pirate Who is Afraid of Everything by Stone and White
12) Rachel's Guard by Jillian Jacobs + GIVEAWAY
13) A Lady Never Lies by Stephanie Burkhart + GIVEAWAY
14) Wicked Wager by Beverley Eikli + GIVEAWAY
15) A Trust Betrayed by Candace Robb + GIVEAWAY
16) One Last Time by Denise Daisy
17) Get Yourself Organized by Christmas by Kathi Lipp 
18) The End of All Times by Lissa Bryan + GIVEAWAY
19) Moonstone Conspiracy by Elizabeth Ellen Carter + GIVEAWAY
20) The Diamond Grenade by Daniel Julian + GIVEAWAY
21) Murder at Redwood Cove by Janet Finsilver
22) The Midwife of Bethlehem by Shad Driggs
23) Margaret Kerr Series by Candace Robb + GIVEAWAY
24) How to Save Money & Get Cash Back When Buying Your Books
25) Aurelia by Alison Morton + GIVEAWAY
26) True Deceptions by Veronica Forand + GIVEAWAY
27) The Challenge by Kim Iverson Headlee + GIVEAWAY & FREE BOOK
28) Love the One You're Witch by Randa Flannery + GIVEAWAY
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~~~~~ Disclaimer:  All opinions expressed on this blog are 100% my own.  I do not receive monetary compensation for my reviews but do utilize affiliate links.  I may receive books in  order to facilitate a review, but this does not guarantee a good review - only a completely honest one.  Each review post denotes how I obtained the book.


  1. Hellllo! I just linked up for the Write 31 Day challenge too! And I am also writing about books. I've blogged before, but never so much about books and reading, so this should be a delightful challenge for me. I look forward to reading your book reviews!

    1. Hi Kelsey! Thanks for stopping in. I definitely think this is going to be a challenge to! I just got back into the swing of things after a very long break from blogging. I figured this would help rev me up. lol. I look forward to reading your reviews too.


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