Saturday, November 21, 2015

Review - Brian Boru: Freedom Within the Heart by Mark Mahon

Great historical fiction full of action, romance and adventure.

TITLE:    Brian Boru: Freedom Within the Heart
AUTHOR:    Mark Mahon
INFO:    Historical Fiction, 245 pages
PUBLISHED:   M.I.P Ltd, 2015
SOURCE:   Received from Author for Review

FROM GOODREADS:   952 A.D. With infighting among the Irish clans throwing Ireland into turmoil, the pagan Vikings invade the region with little resistance. After watching both his father and mother murdered, a young Brian Boru and his brother, Mahoun, swear to revenge their Norse oppressors. 

A man, a simple man, whose bravery captivated a nation, was killed on Good Friday in April of 1014, but Brian Boru’s spirit lives on in every Irishman until this present day. This is his story of bravery that inspired a nation against all the odds.

MY TAKE:   I was very happy to be contacted by the author regarding a review of this book. I had read a bit about Brian Boru in the past and jumped at the chance to get to know him in a new light. I'm happy to say I wasn't disappointed. 

This is a story full of fascinating history. The exploits of Brian and his brother as boys and then as men are filled with action and adventure. We are taken along with them as they seek revenge for the murders of their parents and village. 

The author has created a lovely story of what actually was and what might have been in this fictionalized version of an Irish hero and legend. It was very easy to feel that I was learning while being entertained - my favorite kind of story.

I highly recommend this book to history lovers and I think it would be an excellent way to get reluctant readers (especially of the young male variety) interested in a great tale.

Out of 5 JEWELS, I give it:

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