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Review - Eclipsing Apollo by Sasha Summers + GIVEAWAY

TITLE:    Eclipsing Apollo
AUTHOR:    Sasha Summers
INFO:    Fiction, 219 pages
PUBLISHED:   Sasha Summers, 2015
SOURCE:   Received from Publisher for Review

FROM GOODREADS:   Apollo is fond of many things. Music, poetry, physical prowess, truth, and love. The Pythian Games are in his honor and he attends, as a mere mortal, to enjoy the competition… and the women. Meeting the fair Coronis offers him his greatest delight. Her strength, her fearlessness, and her beauty clasp his heart with an irrevocable hold. But she wants none of him.

Coronis’ duty is to marry, but she yearns for so much more. She is a fierce competitor, a hunter, skilled in strategy and reason. Those that would court her lack both the mind and the body to rival hers - she will settle for no less. As a mortal, Apollo was both infuriating and tempting. But Apollo the Olympian is terrifying. She fears giving him her heart might destroy her soul.

Demeter’s need for revenge pits Olympian against Olympian, forcing Apollo into a darkness the God of Light must fight if he ever hopes to see his Coronis again.


Her fear increased, making it hard to breathe. Do not let him fall. She turned, her stomach tightening as her gaze met Apollo’s. You must win. You must.

Apollo smiled broadly, his brow rising high.

She pulled her gaze from his, walking past him to the competitors’ tent. He would follow her, she knew it. They had little time to prepare. She must help him bathe and anoint him with oil before he met Damocles in the ring.

Her champion. She shivered, pushing into the tent. She lit a lamp and drew in a steadying breath. She was not a fretful sort, so why was she so afraid? Why did he unsettle her?

She knew the answer but refused to address the ache… the yearning that tugged her heart.

No, no.

She poured water into a beaten copper basin, grabbed the bottle of oil, and turned to him. His gaze caught hers and he cocked his head, assessing her.

An amused smile wreathed his too-handsome face. “Do not fret Coronis. You’ve not broken your word to me. You said you would never ask for my help. And you did not.” He moved forward slowly, towering over her. His smile faltered as he studied her, intently… possessively. “You will never have to. I give it to you freely. I always will.”

She stared up at him, astonished. Her suitors flattered her with pretty words, poetry, even song. But no man spoke to her so plainly. Or dared to look at her as he did.

His gaze wandered over her face. He seemed to linger over every feature, tracing the arch of her brow, the curve of her forehead, the seam of her lips, and angle of her jaw—before pinning her gaze with his. “Do I frighten you, Coronis?” his voice was low, almost a whisper.

She stared into his eyes, fathomless and golden. What was he asking? Was she afraid of the depths of emotion he stirred within her? Was she fearful of how her body trembled, anticipating the moment when they might touch? Or that she dreaded his departure so that she could neither eat nor sleep. She shook her head, unable to answer.

MY TAKE:    I've always enjoyed mythology, whether it be the Greeks, Norse, Roman or those from many other cultures. This was a fun and entertaining take on the story of Apollo and Coronis from the Greek side of things.

While Eclipsing Apollo is actually the third book in Sasha Summers' series: The Loves of Olympus, it is very much a stand alone read. Her writing style is light and colorful, bringing these mythological beings to life on the pages. Aside from the main characters, I liked the various gods and goddesses and their dramas being highlighted. I'm looking forward to reading many of their stories in the other books in the series.   

Out of 5 JEWELS, I give it:

Sasha is part gypsy. Her passions have always been storytelling, romance, history, and travel. Her first play was written for her Girl Scout troupe. She's been writing ever since. She loves getting lost in the worlds and characters she creates; even if she frequently forgets to run the dishwasher or wash socks when she's doing so. Luckily, her four brilliant children and hero-inspiring hubby are super understanding and supportive.

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