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Guest Post - Author Sophie Gunn

How Sweet It is

Today it is my pleasure to welcome Sophie Gunn, author of How Sweet It Is to One Book Shy of a Full Shelf.  We're so glad to have you here today.  Here's a question for you:

In your own life, what kind of things do you want a man around the house for (besides the obvious romance)?

I'm sure Sophie's answer will ring true with many of us!  Take it away Sophie...
In the beginning of HOW SWEET IT IS, Lizzie wishes for the perfect man: one who will show up, fix stuff, then split.  Is that my fantasy of the perfect man, too? Well, let’s just say, this is one of my favorite jokes:
How many professors does it take to change a light bulb?

Two. One to write a paper about the history of light bulbs,
while the other screws it into the water faucet.

Yes, I married a professor. I know. I love Professor Gunn dearly, but when a light bulb goes dead in our house, he thinks it’s time to move. I swear. True story: The little light bulb recently went out on the roof of our 2008 Honda Fit. My dear husband brought the car to the dealer (!) and called from the showroom floor, asking what I thought about a brand new Fit. The salesman told him that once the light bulb goes, the rest is soon to follow.
This all to say, I spend a lot of time fantasizing about what sort of man I ought to have married so I could have a little help around the house. Here’s my list (in order):

*a chef
*a mechanic
*a plumber
*a baker
*an electrician

Are you starting to get a sense that I wrote HOW SWEET IT IS to fulfill my own fantasies of a mysterious handyman showing up? Yeah, okay, I admit it. But honestly, I love my professor, even if it means I do have to change all the light bulbs. I’m just a romantic that way.

What about you? If you wished for a perfect man, what would he be like?
Sophie, thank you so much for stopping in on your tour for How Sweet It is.
*Readers - Be sure to check back later today for my review and a GIVEAWAY!!!  For now, read on to learn more about Sophie...

Author Bio: Sophie Gunn grew up in suburban Philadelphia, but raced to New York City as soon as she got the chance. After four years at Columbia University, she worked at several of Manhattan's top advertising agencies as a copywriter, penning ads for Pepsi, BMW, Sony, and other major brands. When her husband got a job in a tiny town in upstate New York, she knew her ad career was over. So she opened a computer file and typed, "Chapter One." Now, she's back in Philadelphia, six blocks from where she grew up, with her two cats, two kids, and one husband, writing what she loves and wondering why she ever left. She loves to hear from readers, so visit to contact her and to find out more.
Five Fun Facts:
1. Small-town America, one love story at a time sums up how Sophie thinks about her books. You might notice, though, that she packed two love stories into How Sweet It Is. Still, she’s not changing her motto. She’s very stubborn that way.

2. Sophie loves birds, but she loves cats more. This doesn’t work out so well for the birds. So having a yard full of bird feeders like Lizzie does in How Sweet It Is is one of Sophie’s impossible fantasies.

3. Another of Sophie’s impossible fantasies is a man who can fix things, like Tay, the hero of How Sweet It Is. Unfortunately, Sophie married a professor who thinks that a burnt-out light bulb means it’s time to move to a new house. Aren’t romance novels wonderful? Sophie’s heroine can have it all!

4. The original, working title for How Sweet It Is was The Enemy Club.

5. The Enemy Club in How Sweet It Is consists of four women who were the worst of enemies in high school, but are now the best of friends. Five years ago, Sophie moved back to the town she grew up in. Coincidence? (Check out for the full scoop!)

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