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Review - Healing the Highlander by Melissa Mayhue

TITLE:    Healing the Highlander
AUTHOR:    Melissa Mayhue
INFO:    Paperback, Fiction, 355 pages
PUBLISHED:   Pocket Books, 2011
ISBN#:   978-1-4391-9020-3
HOW I GOT IT:   Received from Publisher for Review

  ANDREW MACALISTER longs for a cure to free him from the excruciating pain caused by an old wound, but when he rescues a drowning woman, he has no idea how much his life is about to change. All Drew knows is that this mysterious woman is hiding secrets—and that he’s never felt such a consuming desire before. Yet he cannot deny her request for help, even if it means bringing the detested English army to his Highland clan’s home.

LEAH NOBLE MCQUARRIE still harbors a deep hatred of the Fae who tortured her eleven years ago, forcing her to escape back in time to the thirteenth century. A descendant of the Fae, Leah denies her heritage and her magical healing abilities. But the English army is holding her beloved adoptive grandfather captive, so Leah must seek help from the Fae—and the captivating man whose touch she craves.

Then Drew discovers Leah’s secrets, and he’s torn between old loyalties and trusting a woman who has the power to give him the future he’s sought—but could destroy his clan forever. . . .

MY TAKE:    This is the first book I've read by this author and I know it won't be the last.  I was sucked right into this tale and didn't want to close the book. Melissa Mayhue knows Highlanders!  Healing the Highlander is her latest addition to the Daughters of the Glen series. With a lovely blend of Fae magic and Highland intrigue, the author creates a tale that is mesmerizing.  It is easily enjoyed as a stand-alone novel, but I think it will be a pleasure to read the rest of the stories. 

Character development is very well done.  You feel the hope and pain of both Leah and Drew as they are pulled to each other.   They fight what they perceive to be the untrustworthy Fae magic.  Both have had dealings with the Fae that ended poorly, so they can't trust that this could be a good turn.  The unselfish deeds performed by each of them makes you root even louder for their happy ever after.  Other rich characters add to the atmosphere and Scottish/Fae color of the story.  I am looking forward to catching up with all of their stories in the other books, both the ones published and the new ones coming up.
The plot of Healing the Highlander is fast-paced and fun.  The action is non-stop and full of surprises.  Descriptive dialogue and backstory help the reader feel as if they are there in the thick of things.  The author has a way of conveying what she is seeing in her mind so you can almost taste the rich foods. You can feel the cold sea water as the men....., you can feel the sting as Leah.... ~ sorry, not going to tell you as it could spoil part of the story. 

I was impressed with this tale and highly recommend it to fans of Highland romance and those who love a touch of magic.  There is an element of time-travel in the series as well which just adds to the overall fun.

Out of 5 JEWELS, I give it:

WHERE TO BUY IT:    Amazon, The Book Depository, Powell's Books, IndieBound

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  1. You should of read them in order. Such a great series!!! Shes becoming one of my favorites!


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