Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Review - Georgia Bottoms by Mark Childress

TITLE:    Georgia Bottoms
AUTHOR:    Mark Childress
INFO:    Paperback, Fiction, 278 pages 
PUBLISHED:   Little Brown & Company, 2011
ISBN#:   978-0-316-03304-6
HOW I GOT IT:   Received from Hachette Books for Review

  Georgia Bottoms is known in her small community of Six Points, Alabama, as a beautiful, well-to-do, and devoutly Baptist Southern belle.

Nobody realizes that the family fortune has long since disappeared, and a determinedly single woman like Georgia needs an alternative, and discreet, means of income. In Georgia's case it is six well-heeled lovers-one for each day of the week, with Mondays off-none of whom knows about the others.
 But when the married preacher who has been coming to call (Saturdays) decides to confess their affair in front of the whole congregation, Georgia must take drastic measures to stop him. In GEORGIA BOTTOMS, Mark Childress proves once again his unmistakable skill for combining the hilarious and the absurd to reveal the inner workings of the rebellious human heart

MY TAKE:    Adultery, quasi-prostitution, racism and various illegal activities are just a few of the things taking place in this story set in the South.  Miss Georgia Bottoms is what we are led to believe is a typical Southern belle.  She is a gracious hostess, she cares for her ailing mother, she defends and enables her worthless Brother and she loves her friends and neighbors.  She also just happens to sleep with six of those different male neighbors for money - money that is gifted to her, not to be considered or confused with pay for services for rendered - on a regular weekly basis.

I couldn't make myself like or care a bit about Georgia.  She was completely vapid and self-absorbed at times, while at the same time very conniving.  Her choices and her justifications for them were too much for me.  I don't have patience for the superficial "Scarlett O'Hara" type of women and must admit I was hoping for her consequences to catch up to Georgia.  My complete irritation with her got in the way of the story for me.

I do want to state that I think fans of Southern fiction will get a kick out of this story. It has garnered several great reviews on Goodreads and elsewhere.  Mark Childress is a very popular writer with a large following.  He does a good job of writing the Southern female POV where his own quirky sense of humor comes shining through.

Out of 5 JEWELS, I give it:

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