Saturday, July 31, 2010

Review - 101 Ways to Meditate by Linda A. Lavid

TITLE: 101 Ways to Meditate: Discover Your True Self
INFO: Paperback, Self-Help, 144 pages
PUBLISHED: Full Court Press, 2010
ISBN#: 978-0-9817070-2-0
HOW'D I GET IT: Received it from the author/Goodreads for review

FROM THE COVER/PUBLISHER:  101 Ways to Meditate:  Discover Your True Self is a primer to illuminate the landscapes within and beyond.  Easily explained and specific, 101 Ways to Meditate supplies a wide selection of Processing, Imagery, Release, and Inspirational meditations to make meditative practice life-affirming, insightful and fun.  Whether to explore metaphysical questions, experience higher awareness, or come to terms with the mystery within, meditation serves. 

MY TAKE:  I found this to be a small book with a lot of punch.  The author really does provide the 101 ways to meditate!  She writes in a very conversational tone that makes it easy to understand and easy to follow.  The last part of the book is a meditation journal with helpful quotations and space to write thoughts or doodle pictures.  The author appears to be quite knowledgeable on the subject and this makes for a book that is a great resource for those interested in meditation styles and techniques.


WHERE TO BUY IT:   101 Ways to Meditate: Discover Your True Self

Happy Reading!


  1. This sounds like a great Meditation book! Thanks for popping over at my blog.

  2. My two children and I meditate and now I'm trying to get my husband on the boat. Thanks for this review as the book might help him to see the bigger picture.


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