Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Weekly Wrap - 7/18/10

This feature is inspired by The Story Siren's "In My Mailbox" posts.  I'd like to start showing you the books that I've come across in one way or another for the past week.  (This first entry will actually be the last couple of weeks since I am just starting this meme and want to share my new treasures :)

Received for Review

101 Ways to Meditate;   Black Magic;   An Echo in the BoneChasing FrancisI Know I Am, But What Are You?The Olympic Charioteer


I Won!



My best friend & I went "thrifting" this week.
I hit the motherload of .25 and .50 cent books!
 I won't even try to name these right now.  I'm sure I'll review several of them as I dig in to my new summer reading pile!  Enjoy your week my friends.
Happy Reading!


  1. Look like you got a full week ahead of you! Lots of new books. I like Diana Gabaldon. Her series is awesome.

  2. I love books too, any book. I promised my husband I would cut down on them after we got married. I am doing better, his aunt bought me a kindle for Christmas. It is really good because Amazon always has some free books and now I can do better about buying every book that I see at yard sales etc. It is still really hard though.
    New email subscriber via Mailbox Mondays,

  3. Hi Mrs Philips! I'm glad you came by. I promised my hubby the same thing, but I think he's given up on me :)

    The nice part though, is he likes a lot of the books I read so he deosn't grumble too loud.

  4. Wow, some awesome used books there! Here they can be just as pricy as new paperbacks

  5. Wow, what a great treasure trove of books! Looking forward to your review in the coming days!

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