Saturday, July 24, 2010

Review - His Eternal Kiss: More Tales of Vampire Lore

TITLE: His Eternal Kiss
AUTHOR/EDITOR: Karla Hocker, Judith A. Lansdowne, Jeanne Savery
INFO: Paperback, Fiction, 263 pages
PUBLISHED: Kensington Books, 2002
ISBN#: 978-07582-0332-2
HOW'D I GET IT: Purchased it

FROM THE COVER/PUBLISHER:  Their manner is charming.  Their power is irresistible.  And their embrace is forever.  Guard your heart against the dark seduction of each of these mysterious and handsome noblemen, for something cursed, something dangerous, something wicked hides just inside... 

A Lady of the Night - Karla Hocker:  Anna von Hermannstadt has never forgiven her vampire mentor Vladim Szeben for transforming her into one of the cursed undead.  Though she despises the handsome immortal, she cannot completely escape the dark temptation of his calling...until she meets Viscount Gareth Rossiter, a man whose obsession with her may place them all in the gravest danger...

The Cossack - Judith A. Lansdowne:  It was by chance that Miss Aphrodite Coop uncovered a plot to assassinate the Czar.  But it is fate that grants her a protector - Count Stanislaus Kuecher, the romantic foreign gentleman who has stolen the hearts of London's belles.  To save a man's life, Aphrodite will have to trust a man she shouldn't trust at who could take her very soul...

Dark Seduction - Jeanne Savery:  The world of occult literature is what fascinates Tabitha Jerome.  She's devoted her life to delving into the rare volumes of spells and supernatural phenomena her father has collected over the decades.  But now, someone else is interested in them as well. A man with dark, piercing eyes who will do anything to possess the secrets Tabitha holds...

MY TAKE:  I enjoy stories about vampires, always have.  This collection of three short stories makes a quick afternoon read (I noticed I had a short attention span this past week, thus the collections I chose to read.)  It seemed to me that the common theme of these three stories was vampires who were fighting to be human/mortal again.  It was enjoyable, if not really all that memorable. 

MY RATING:   3/5

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